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2008-08-19 01:10:35 by deathmaks

when im bored i paint my asshole and put popstickles inside

no not realy :3

Street Fighter IV for ARC

2008-06-05 08:04:22 by deathmaks

Ryu, Ken, and a host of others get back to doing what they do best
with Capcom's Street Fighter IV.

sheed anyone know when its comming out??
gamespot wont tell :'(

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Street Fighter IV for ARC

MGS collab?

2008-05-27 04:50:04 by deathmaks

my genitals is so wet for it :3
when do you think it is done?

no tomorrow

2007-09-28 20:48:13 by deathmaks

holy crap what if there was no tommorow what should we do??? zomg

connection problem

2007-08-05 18:41:31 by deathmaks

hello i have a connection problem. i can browse the internet and all but i cant play any online games like cs or halo online i cant find any servers or when i try to download stuff from limewire the internet connection doesnt work:S does anyone have this problem or know anything about it???